Theresa, working student in the recruiting department, talks about her tasks at F&P AG.

One of the F&P Young Professionals from the Recruiting department, Theresa Krimmel, answers numerous questions about being a Young Professional at F&P Executive Solutions AG in a detailed interview.

″Good companies are created by good employees″
Theresa Krimmel

How did you come to work as a young professional at F&P?

The cooperation with F&P came about by chance. In the university subject “Project Work”, students have the opportunity to work on different projects over a semester. This also includes working with different companies. F&P was one of the projects I was assigned to. So for me it was really a very lucky coincidence.

How long have you been working as a young professional at F&P AG?

My collaboration at F&P began as part of the university project and started in October 2020. I officially joined F&P as a working student or young professional on 1 February 2021. After my stay abroad in Sweden, I then moved to the Recruiting department at F&P as an Executive Assistant.

And what career opportunities are there for students in general?

Students have several opportunities to work with F&P. On the one hand, you can join F&P as a student trainee during your studies and you also have the opportunity to write your thesis together with F&P parallel to your job. On the other hand, you also have the chance to work on client projects as a junior consultant. For example, we have had Alex Meindl on board since February; she is a junior consultant on a mandate with one of our partners and is also writing her bachelor’s thesis together with F&P AG.

What exactly are your tasks at F&P, who do you work with?

As a young professional, I started my career at F&P in the marketing department at the beginning of 2021. This included the area of online marketing in particular. I worked very closely with our Managing Partner Bernd Fischer and various online marketing agencies to consistently align our website and content in a customer-oriented way. As I am now writing my bachelor thesis in the field of recruiting together with F&P, my main area of responsibility is currently in the field of human resources.

How do you feel about your package of tasks, how do you deal with the responsibility?

We young professionals/working students are definitely given a lot of responsibility and the trust is very high, which allows us to learn a lot and work very independently. At the beginning, it might be unfamiliar and can be a bit much. I think you have to get used to the high pace and with time you learn to deal with the tasks purposefully. And if you have questions, you always get support anyway and you don’t feel left alone.

What is your work like at F&P, how does the cooperation work, especially in times of the pandemic?

The cooperation works amazingly well, although we mainly see each other virtually on a regular basis at the moment. It was quick to set up all the accesses for us, I thought it would be much more elaborate. But F&P is already very advanced as a Microsoft partner, which of course makes working together a lot easier. We have regular team meetings where we discuss everything to do with marketing and recruiting and bring each other up to date. We can also turn to our supervisors at any other time for support in our tasks. At least twice a year, we then all try to meet in person at a meeting.

What do you want for the future after graduation?

This career question is really not easy for me to answer. The crisis has taught me even more clearly that many things are difficult to plan and that many things often turn out differently than planned. Like, for example, the opportunity to work as a young professional at F&P. I never expected this opportunity either. In the near future, I would first like to successfully complete my studies and maybe a further cooperation with F&P is possible, because there are different career opportunities for us students after graduation.

Theresa, thank you very much for the interview and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

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