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Post Merger Integration

Post-merger integration is the merging of two previously separate companies. In the process, process flows have to be restructured and redefined by managers, which is a real challenge. Compared to other leadership tasks, it offers the full range of possible construction sites under the intensified condition of time pressure and requires considerable change management expertise.

Post-Merger Integration (PMI) Checklist, Goals and Requirements

  • Set the rules of the game
  • Set synergy targets
  • Establish PMI Change Management and PMI Process Management
  • Increase market growth of the acquired company
  • Strengthen the profitability of the merged company
  • Maintain existing customer potential and develop new ones
  • Establish new distribution channels and business areas
  • Strengthen purchasing power and negotiating positions vis-à-vis customers and suppliers

Preventing psychological aspects of post-merger integration “Merger Syndrome”

The announcement of a corporate acquisition comes with a big shock in many companies. The psychological effects are also referred to as “merger syndrome”. Conveying credibility and mutual respect are central tasks of change management to overcome the “merger syndrome”, so that customers and one’s own business do not suffer in any way from the consequences of the merger to the advantage of the competition.

Take away fears
  • Clear, comprehensive, rapid communication.
  • Details of the implementation of the plans are provided by established integration teams.
  • Fostering a cross-company network of relationships and information through joint events and project work.
  • Convey credibility and mutual respect.
Creating value and synergies
  • Quickly identify leaders, key personnel and opinion leaders in the acquired company to fill the integration teams on a parity basis.
  • Fill key positions in the integration teams for the assumption of responsibilities via incentives and so-called “stay bonuses” to maintain business operations

Case Studies

Here you will find current case studies of various post-merger integration assignments.

Establishment and development of a joint venture in Asia

Company integration as Head M&A

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