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When IT infrastructure and its rapid changes have become increasingly important for both providers and users. The operational business of a company depends heavily on a functioning IT.

An outdated or inadequate IT infrastructure can have a negative impact on the entire business. It is crucial to align a robust and cost-efficient IT with business objectives. Experts recommend a step-by-step changeover to a modular IT concept that is cost-efficient and performance-oriented, thus reducing administrative effort and relieving internal resources.

Types of IT infrastructure: Traditional or cloud-based

Traditional infrastructure is about facilities and data centres and the associated equipment. The disadvantage is that the necessary equipment takes up a lot of space in a company and is also more expensive than other infrastructure options.

A cloud-based IT infrastructure offers users advantages as it is an alternative to buying hardware and eliminates the costs of procurement, operation and maintenance.

Advantages of a private IT infrastructure from the IaaS Cloud

  • Internal billing in private IaaS cloud depends on usage
  • Hybrid IaaS cloud combines both private and public cloud systems
  • IaaS is suitable for companies with fluctuating IT infrastructure needs
  • IaaS allows flexible capacity adjustments without the need for new hardware

F&P Executive Solutions AG stands for holistic, practice-oriented IT solutions.

Competent and experienced managers

F&P IT experts have at least 10 years of operational experience at management level in different industries.

Risk minimisation

Harmful programmes and viruses are becoming more and more common. Our managers know how to minimise risks in the IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure and legal complexity

Our managers know which legal particularities they have to consider when it comes to cloud computing.

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