How sustainable is interim management in controlling?

Expert: Dipl.-Kfm. Frank Wedekind
Blog: Wie nachhaltig ist das Interim Management im Controlling?

Controlling is becoming an increasingly important success factor for companies.

Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies use interim managers to improve or set up controlling systems. Here, the interim managers are faced with the challenge of establishing an adequate controlling system that is geared to the needs of the company within their limited time of assignment.

Interim managers as a success factor

The advantages of interim management in setting up controlling systems were also demonstrated by the example of a successful and profitable trading company with an annual turnover of € 200 million, where the procurement and sales markets had collapsed due to corona. The otherwise healthy company lacked transparency and was threatened with liquidity bottlenecks. The assignment of the interim manager led to a considerable know-how input in the integrated corporate planning and the resulting liquidity simulation. Controlling structures, controlling instruments and controlling processes were individually tailored for the company. The basis for a transparent and forward-looking corporate management system was created. The management competencies as well as change and leadership experience brought along by the interim manager enable the controlling system to be quickly applied and brought to life.

What happens when the assignment of interim managers ends?

How is the controlling framework that has been painstakingly built up and is necessary for professional corporate management continued to be used in the company? The results are sobering. In about 70% of the cases, the “start-up financing” provided by the interim manager is not taken up further by the responsible persons and the companies fall back to their old performance level. The case of our trading company is different. The management has come to know and appreciate the potential and the necessity of integrated corporate management. The positive effects achieved by F&P in the area of professionalisation, intensive process support right from the start and complete guideline-based documentation were decisive factors in aligning the company in a sustainable way. If you or your company have any questions about the use of interim managers in controlling, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will treat your enquiry with absolute confidentiality. Find out more about our F&P experts for finance and controlling here.

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