Robert Richartz

Young Professional Data Analytics

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Robert Richartz

Your F&P Young Professional Data Analytics

In 2016, Robert earned his bilingual IB after successfully completing his education at the Bavarian International School in Dachau County. In the same year, he started his studies in technical and management-oriented business administration at the Technical University of Munich with a selected focus on computer science.

After a stay in Istanbul as part of a student exchange program, Robert decided to change his focus to computer science and changed his major. He is currently in the final phase of his business informatics studies at the Bavarian Business School.

During his studies, Robert worked as a technical assistant and video editor at a local Munich broadcaster and was able to successfully apply his acquired technical knowledge.

In his spare time, Robert is passionate about programming and software development and already has almost five years of experience in this field. In addition to his technical interests, he is also an avid musician and plays as a guitarist in a student band.

Robert has been a Young Professional at F&P since March 2023 and supports digital sales.