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Agile Organisation

Political, social and technological developments as well as changing customer needs require companies to be agile and able to adapt quickly.

An agile business philosophy assumes that employees want to take responsibility and contribute. Leaders must be willing to trust their team and give them the freedom to make decisions and develop their full potential. Different methods can support an agile organisational culture.

Methods for an agile organisational culture

The fact that employees are responsible for the operational business plays a crucial role in an agile organisation. The manager should be seen more as a coach who provides optimal framework conditions. For example, he or she focuses more on team performance instead of individual performance and makes sure that the employees are digitally connected to each other.


Scrum is an essential part of agile processes. Scrum involves regular team meetings to discuss goals and find solutions, with large projects divided into sprints to facilitate management.


The use of Kanban is particularly useful for visualising tasks and managing projects. This should involve creating a Kanban board which is divided into 3 columns and then filled with index cards for each task.

Advantages of an agile organisation

  • High flexibility
  • Errors can be detected early
  • High motivation of employees
  • Effective work processes and fast results

F&P Executive Solutions AG stands for holistic, practice-oriented solutions for an agile organisation.

  • Improving organisational structures and digital processes to survive change
  • Accompanying, successful Change management to restructure your organisation
  • Guaranteed quality: Our experts have more than 10 years of operational leadership experience in management positions

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