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Digitalisation and globalisation mean that products and services are constantly available to customers. This means that companies have to continuously work on new product innovations in order to satisfy the needs of their customers and to stay ahead of the competition. An innovation is a completely new technology or a completely new product that has not been available on the market before.

Product development: risks and benefits


Depending on the industry you work in, product innovation is more or less important. If it is necessary for you to innovate your products, you should not forget that the complexity of innovation can also create risks. You should be aware that this can lead to additional personnel expenditure and costs. Furthermore, it is particularly important to find the right time for a new innovation.


When a new, innovative concept is developed for product management, it is especially important that the right strategic tools are used to be successful. If a company succeeds in doing this, it can have some positive effects on an organisation, in addition to all the risks. These include, for example:

  • Competitive advantages
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Higher

Support in Engineering & Product Development, Research & Innovation and Product Management

Product development should be efficient and not just based on specifications from company considerations. Markets and customers should be explored first. The same applies to innovation processes, which only planned create a clear framework that structures and systematically implements the development. At the beginning of every innovation is the search for improvement possibilities or alternatives to existing solutions.

For your already existing product range, successful product management is required. Product management sets the course for a successful business foundation. Especially in times that are becoming more and more dynamic, you should carefully check whether the tasks for product management are sufficiently placed and actually carried out.

Engineering & Product Development

Interim Manager Production and Product Management Consulting

A new product innovation always represents a certain risk for a company. That’s why it’s always helpful to get an external expert who can look at the situation from a different angle when making such a decision.

Consultants and interim managers from F&P Executive Solutions AG can use their cross-functional experience and unbiased view to examine and assess how a company is positioned with its product portfolio. Our experts and expert teams create concepts for you and, if required, also provide you with operational support in implementing them in your company. Our professionals have already carried out numerous successful projects; you are welcome to read more about them in our case studies on our website. Contact us today!

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