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Sales strategy

In times of increasingly rapid change processes in global markets, acutely accelerated by crises, companies should devote more attention to their sales strategy. The strategies of customer added value and product life cycle have an important influence on new business and aftersales and thus on long-term company success. The starting point of any sales strategy is your goals in one or more market segments.

Your sales strategy – derived from the corporate strategy – should comprehensively answer the following questions:

  • In which market segments can we grow profitably in the next few years?
  • In which markets, nationally and internationally, with which customers: today and tomorrow?
  • With which products or services do we meet the changing expectations and needs of our customers or a new customer group?
  • With which measures do we develop the identified potentials?

Developing a sales strategy or reviewing it according to the current market conditions is our tool of the trade.

It is not “rocket science”, but the correct answers to the key question:

  • What (product, service) are we selling?
  • Who (target group) are we sellingto?
  • What arguments (added value creation) are we using?
  • Under what conditions (price and discount systems) do we sell?
  • How (sales channel, distribution) do we bring the product to the customer?

We develop market entry strategies, portfolio strategies, new business models and discuss different possibilities of brand positioning and pricing with you. This also includes the international analysis of sales markets.

Advantages of a well thought-out sales strategy:

  • Assertiveness against the competition in the market
  • Marketing measures can be better implemented
  • Better staff planning and cost reduction in the long term
  • High customer satisfaction

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