Risk management and financing

Today’s crisis requires more than ever an efficient risk management and the optimal financing can be crucial for the company to survive in times of crisis.

Opportunities and risks need to be identified early so that timely action can be taken. Just as important as assessing threats is discovering new potential through financing. With the right methods and approaches, this creates new opportunities for companies to secure the necessary liquidity.

Risk Management

Has become much more important due to current legislation!

  • Introduction and optimisation Risk management: Risk identification is a central building block for building good corporate planning. Risk management is a central building block for increasing resilience as the ability to cope with crises and turn them to positive advantage by drawing on tried and tested methods and acquired experience. Early warning systems for the early identification of risks strengthen the resilience of the company, help to make it “storm-proof” and have become indispensable through the StaRUG!
    • Definition and implementation of early warning systems
    • Identification of risks
    • Definition of the risk matrix
    • Development of strategies for risk diversification
    • Integration of risk management into the organisational and operational structure

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Liquidity is the currency of strategy!

  • Optimising the financing structure: The financing structure of a company often offers opportunities for optimisation and restructuring (especially in external financing).
    • Analysis of the financing structure
    • Identification of potentials for optimisation and, if necessary, refinancing
    • Advice on alternative forms of financing (e.g. leasing, asset-backed financing, crowdinvesting)
    • Identification of funding opportunities through e.g. development banks
    • Support in discussions with financing partners
    • Development of financing strategies
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