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Optimising the value chain in supply chain management

Fischer & Partner Executive Solutions was founded over a decade ago by 2 top supply chain experts. Since then, numerous mandates with a focus on supply chain management have been successfully implemented for clients, whereby our range of services for supply chain optimisation also extends to adjacent functional areas such as purchasing, materials procurement, distribution, logistics and production.

For many years, we have mastered the entire range of levers in the value chain, from product development to procurement, distribution and delivery to our clients’ customers.

Find out which solution concepts the SCM experts at F&P Executive Solutions AG can use to structurally improve your company’s entire supply chain (Supply Chain Optimisation) or remove it from your company (Logistics Outsourcing) by integrating the above interfaces.

Both solution concepts are not only developed and financially evaluated through careful analysis, but also implemented sustainably through effective project management. As a result, global corporations and medium-sized market leaders have benefited greatly from our concepts in their implementation.

Supply Chain Optimisation Consumer goods -industry

Supply Chain Optimisation Capital Goods -industry

The market conditions of the supply chain

Especially in the case of fast-moving consumer goods, operational brilliance is therefore crucial to the success of a consumer goods manufacturer. Rapid supply of goods, high availability despite reduced capital-binding inventories and the reduction of inventory levels are priority goals that must be achieved. For capital goods, the set screws are different.

Industrial groups strive to manage the balancing act between tight inventories to optimise warehousing costs, efficient customer delivery and maximising goods availability.

Supply chain management goals

Globalisation and growing customer demands pose enormous challenges to corporate groups and medium-sized companies along the entire value chain.

The requirements in terms of costs, quality, flexibility and speed demand a realignment of supply chain strategies, processes and systems. In the fierce competition for the best possible products, companies are always striving to guarantee their customers and end consumers the best possible service, on-time delivery of their unique products. Empty shelves in drugstores and selected supermarkets with the best-known branded products make it clear that even top companies cannot guarantee that there will not be a shelf gap that needs to be closed.

Advantages of SCM optimisation

  • Cost advantage
  • Strong competitive advantages
  • Customer satisfaction through perfect supply structures (delivery time and costs) and perfect customer service
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Our know-how

We have a know-how of the most modern supply chain instruments. Our supply chain management consulting offers you comprehensive and professional interface and implementation management to optimise structures, processes, systems and operations along the entire value chain and depth with the following focal points in operations management: sales, customer service & supply chain operations as well as purchasing, logistics (inbound / outbound) and production.

Our social competence in managing complex value chains in the global production and logistics network, the implementation of state-of-the-art SC methods by our interim managers, as well as the implementation as interface and crisis managers in relocation projects are among the key competences of our process and project management.

Core competencies of the F&P Supply Chain Team

  • Optimisation of procurement, production and logistics networks
  • Inventory optimisation (WIC), stock reduction, release of working capital, reduction of safety buffers in line with the sales situation
  • Configuration and continuous optimisation of efficient and flexible supply chains
  • Implementation of concepts, methods and solutions in the sense of best practices that are applied in the industry between manufacturer and retailer
  • Implementation of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) or Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) as the most modern form of SCM
  • Application of these modern methods for SC optimisation as well as the joint implementation of customer requirements within the framework of customer logistics projects are necessary for the purpose of optimising the entire value chain from planning to order acceptance to delivery
  • Implementation of process-oriented thinking and KPIs
  • Establishment of necessary controlling tools for better management of the entire supply chain
  • Optimisation of processes, procedures and structures in strategic and operational purchasing
  • Optimisation of processes, procedures and structures in production planning and production

The competences of F&P’s industry experts are not only in the field of concept development, we also support you on an interim basis in the implementation of SCM methods to optimise your supply chain. Feel free to contact us!

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