Sales Operations

Against the background of taking a holistic view of marketing and paying attention to delivering a uniform, customer-oriented overall picture of the company in all customer contacts (customer journey), the operational control of sales and customer services is becoming increasingly important in the value creation process.

Various points of sales operations need to be looked at more closely:

  • Knowledge about the customer and his needs (Know your Customer)
  • Disciplined and systematic documentation of customer information
  • Clear specification of the service or service level agreed with the customer
  • Clearly distributed and meaningful organisation of all contact areas in the company that are relevant for the customer experience (e.g. in product development, sales, order processing, distribution logistics, technical service and complaints & invoice processing)
  • Coordinated, interdepartmental action between all customer-facing contact points in the company

Key Success Factors of a Successful Sales & Customer Service

  • Systematic, company-wide coordinated customer care processes
  • Clarity about customer data structures and processing procedures
  • Clear internal responsibilities for external communication (what to whom)
  • Technically supported and networked documentation and information flow systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, mailing systems)
  • Commitment to cooperation as well as discipline in maintaining data structures and processes

For more than 10 years, we partners at F&P Executive Solutions have been successfully supporting manufacturing companies from a wide range of industries in efficiently aligning their organisational structures and customer-oriented processes, especially in sales and supply chain, and consistently networking them to improve customer benefits.

We advise our clients on all aspects of the order-to-cash process chain and its ideal organisational anchoring and networking in the corporate organisation. We provide experienced and well-rehearsed interim managers to steer through IT-technical and process-related as well as organisational changes in a sustainable manner and to take the people internally as well as externally on the client side along with them on this change through targeted change management. In most cases, we are also commissioned with the necessary change management.

Our know-how – your added value, guaranteed!

Please call us or send us a short message to Our consultants will be happy to listen to you in a no-obligation initial meeting about the challenges you face in operational order and service management as well as in synchronising with the work of your sales team. If you wish, we will give you initial feedback on our professional assessment and on sensible next steps.

From Sales & Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning

Sales planning and production planning was yesterday. If you want to plan your value-added processes efficiently and improve the quality of corporate management in the long term, you would do well to bring yourself and your organisation up to date with modern corporate planning. Even today, about 13 % of SMEs do not coordinate sales planning with production planning according to suitable processes. However, it is reassuring that more than 80 % of the companies at least carry out a regular comparison between the expected sales and the advance planning of their operational production.

  • How often does the sales organisation adjust its planning to market conditions?
  • With what time horizon do they plan their sales and business development?
  • Are your salespeople already shown the effects on the contribution margin during planning?
  • Does your annual planning always include the current assessment of the customer managers?
  • Have you left behind the “hockey stick” planning at the end of the year?
  • Is there agreement between sales and production on feasible sales plans?
  • Does the finance department use identical volume planning as sales and production?
  • Is there a well-founded strategic outlook for the development of the next 36 months?
  • Is your working capital low and do you deliver 95% of your order quantities on time?
  • Is planning data processed without media discontinuity and are analyses available at any time?

Were you unsure when answering these questions or could often only answer “no” several times? Then your company has a lot of catching up to do in integrated business planning in order to remain competitive in the future.

Talk to one of our Integrated Business Planning specialists and find out how our experts at F&P Executive Solutions can help you implement the tools and anchor the necessary change process in your company.

Where does your company stand in the use of integrated planning processes?

Certainly, modern information technology is needed to build a powerful, integrated planning system. But in times of sophisticated business intelligence software for any size of company and independent of industry, the acquisition and linking with ERP systems has become a sensible step even for medium-sized companies. By means of IT-integrated planning and control processes, you put your company organisation in a position to make service production and delivery to customers more efficient, more flexible, faster and more reliable.

Industry Best Practice S&OP Process? We ensure the transfer of know-how!

The partners at F&P Executive Solutions advise you on the conception and organisational implementation of your integrated business planning based on the existing system environment in your company and the digitalisation projects already planned. We are also happy to support you in the selection of suitable application software and IT service providers and take over the project management of the technical implementation of integrated business planning systems.

Call us or simply get in touch with us. We will get back to you shortly, with pleasure also with an offer of a non-binding initial discussion about the situation and the needs in your organisation. You can also find more information about F&P on our website, where you can read more about successful projects in the case studies, for example.

Tip: Lay the right foundations for further digital transformation efforts in your company. Ensure optimal information flow and data quality at the heart of your business processes and put your organisation in the right position to successfully tackle Big Data and Customer Journey concepts as well!

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