Task definition

  • Introduction of a cross-company and cross-country cash pooling system for optimizing and controlling group-wide liquidity.

Industry / Function / Environment/ Expert

  • European market leader in the rental of railroad freight and tank cars, rail and tank container logistics
  • Head of Financing & Treasury
  • Björn Gresens


  • Ensuring customer receivables from leasing within the framework of group financing
  • Control of Europe-wide rental income from various group companies via a trust account


  • Setting up a trust account agreement with the bank
  • Setting up a cross-company cash pooling agreement with examination and consideration of insolvency and tax law issues in the respective jurisdictions
  • Introduction of an ERP-supported clearing system for booking
  • Introduction of a limits and monitoring system for intercompany lending
  • Control and disposition of bank accounts via TMS system
  • Successful implementation of corporate financing
  • Reduction of operational bank accounts within the group
  • Control of all European rental income via a central account
  • Processing of all payments and management of bank accounts through a centralized Payment Factory
  • Optimization in the control and planning of the group-wide cash flow
  • Customer portfolio: Railroads, rail logistics, chemistry, and petrochemistry
  • Product portfolio: Rental of tank and boiler cars, intermodal cars, bulk cars, rail logistics, tank container logistics