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AIMP - Götz Stapelfeldt und Moritz Jaeckle

AIMP Annual Forum 2024: Navigating in the age of artificial intelligence

The AIMP Annual Forum, which will take place at Burg Schwarzenstein for the 18th time this year, is dedicated to a highly topical subject: “Artificial intelligence (AI) – opportunity or threat for interim managers?”. At a time when AI is profoundly changing the world of work, we are faced with the question of whether this technology represents a threat or an enrichment for interim managers.

Stephen Hawking once emphasized the duality of AI – as potentially the best or the worst for humanity. Today, we are witnessing AI driving digitalization and automation by taking over routine tasks and solving complex challenges more efficiently. This forum provides a platform to explore the role of AI in the future of interim management.

Gunnar Brune, a recognized AI evangelist, will provide insights into how AI is transforming businesses and improving ways of working. He emphasizes that AI benefits all companies by accelerating processes and fostering innovation.

Heidi Hofer, an expert in HR transformation, will shed light on the revolution in recruitment through AI. Participants will learn how AI is changing recruitment and what this means for interim managers.

Dr. Harald Schönfeld, with many years of experience in interim management, will discuss how AI is changing the requirements for interim managers and what skills are needed in the AI era.

In addition to technical insights, the forum will offer workshops on AI in interim management, where topics such as the impact of AI on mandates, the requirements for interim managers, leadership with AI and the future of recruiting will be discussed.

We invite you to exchange ideas with industry colleagues, make new contacts and discuss the opportunities and challenges that AI brings for interim management. Register now and secure your place at the AIMP Annual Forum 2024.


To the registration: Anmeldung: AIMP Arbeitskreis Interim Management Provider


Begin: 12. April, 9:00 Uhr
End: 13. April, 17:00 Uhr

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