Titus von Bernuth

Young Professional Marketing

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Titus von Bernuth

F&P Young Professional in Marketing.

Titus von Bernuth, aged 20, graduated from a prestigious high school in Cologne in 2021. During his school years, he already showed exceptional commitment and entrepreneurial spirit by actively participating in the “business@school” initiative launched by the Boston Consulting Group. This experience allowed him to gain profound insights into the business world and deepen his interest in business processes.

Following his school career, Titus opted for an internship in the management area of a café chain in Cologne in 2022. This position offered him the opportunity to gain practical experience in a dynamic corporate environment and to expand his knowledge in the areas of operations management and customer management.

In October 2022, he began his studies in business administration at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, one of the leading universities in this field. His academic path is characterized by the desire to deepen his understanding of economic interrelationships and prepare for a successful career in business. During the semester break, Titus pursued the goal of further developing his knowledge of accounting and marketing through an internship in the technology industry.

In addition to his academic and professional commitments, Titus also shows remarkable versatility and passion in the sporting arena. He is an enthusiastic sportsman who is involved in various disciplines such as volleyball, soccer, boxing, basketball and tennis. His sporting activities underline his team spirit, versatility and ambition.

Titus thus embodies an exceptional combination of academic excellence, practical experience and personal commitment that makes him a valuable member of our team.

Titus has been a Young Professional at F&P AG in the Marketing department since August 2023.