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Bankfachwirt (IHK) Moritz Jaeckle

Moritz Jaeckle is an expert in risk management, financing, restructuring and processes in the financial sector. He is characterised by his high level of competence in the area of structuring and restructuring of financings as well as by a profound knowledge of the processes in restructuring and workout in banks and other financial institutions.

Mr Jaeckle has worked successfully in in-house positions and as an external consultant in numerous companies in the financial sector. His focus is on the financing sector, the restructuring of receivables and, on the banking side, the restructuring of non-performing exposures. In addition to Germany, Mr Jaeckle’s experience also covers (international) group risk management and in particular the economic area of Scandinavia.

Mr Jaeckle is currently undergoing training to become a certified restructuring and insolvency manager.

Mr Jaeckle has been a partner at F&P Executive Solutions AG since August 2021. He has been successfully active as a consultant for risk management, treasury, problem loans/restructuring in various companies in the financial sector since 2009.


Consulting and project management:
risk management
Problem loans
Organisational development in the risk area
Process management in finance

Industry expertise:

Financial service providers
Leasing companies
Real Estate

Bankfachwirt (IHK) Moritz Jaeckle

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Ihr F&P Experte im Bereich Finanzwesen

Bankfachwirt (IHK) Moritz Jaeckle

Ihr F&P Experte im Bereich Finanzwesen

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