Marketing Consultant and Interim Manager Sales

Marketing and distribution

Marketing is the process of selling certain products and services in order to satisfy the needs of potential customers and the market. The main objective is to sell as much as possible and thereby increase sales. Sales is in direct contact with the customer and ensures that a turnover is achieved through the sale of products and services. The cooperation of both departments is important so that the goals of a company can be achieved.

Advantages of consulting and interim management in marketing and sales

Our consultants are experts in project management in all functional areas. Whether business transformation, digital transformation or restructuring or turnaround, we make your marketing and sales competitive again.

This has the following advantages for you:

  • Identify savings potential and increase turnover
  • Generate added value for the customer and your company
  • Optimised and efficient processes
  • Motivating employees

Case Studies

The F&P industry experts have already successfully carried out several projects. Get more information about the task, the implementation and the result of these reference projects in our case studies on our website.

Services provided by F&P in the field of marketing and sales

Product management and sales work very closely together. Rely on the expertise and experience of the experts from F&P Executive Solutions AG. We develop forward-looking, intelligent solutions for new market and customer-oriented offers and open up new business areas for existing products with the least possible need for adaptation. We ensure a clear strategic focus according to their target group, core competence and positioning.

Sales and marketing consulting The aim of a comprehensive marketing consultancy is to identify the weak points and define new marketing objectives that will ensure that your company will win new customers and increase turnover in the long term. With the quick scan, the current situation of your company is determined and then the exact target group and the positioning of your company in the market is defined. Sales consulting often involves a strategic approach to ensure that the desired goals are achieved in the long term.

F&P AG is one of the TOP consulting companies and our experts will create implementation-oriented concepts for you that will make your marketing and sales competitive again.

Interim Manager Sales and Marketing Our firm also has a unique selling point and not only supports you in creating implementation-oriented methods and approaches, but also helps you to realise these concepts with experienced interim managers.

F&P identifies relevant sales channels and develops all necessary measures. We check whether your sales organisation still meets the requirements of the market and the buying behaviour of your customers. For this reorientation, we develop the sales structure, objectives and support you in training and implementation. The focus is always on the individual needs of your target group.

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