• Merging and optimising two locations with different sales organisations
  • Change management
  • Aligning sales strategy for growth

Industry/ Function

  • Industrial metrology
  • Sales consulting (operational & strategic)
  • Streamlining the quotation process through better use of the existing ERP system
  • Specifications for linking the technical variant generator with the gross price list and all customer conditions in the ERP system developed and agreed upon
  • Replacement of two commercial agencies by key account management
  • Introduction of uniform reporting for field sales and external sales partners
  • Cooperation partners for product development in the field of electronic measurement technology sought and secured
  • Task management software for priority-controlled processing of technical enquiries between sales & technology
  • Efficiency increase of > 35% of sales performance achieved
  • New products launched by cooperation partners
  • Direct sales increased
  • Uniform use of ERP system and reporting completed
Medium-sized company in industrial measurement technology with 300 employees at two locations in Germany