• Significant reduction in the reject rate of drive shafts at the start of production (SOP) in three-shift operation (reject rate was between 60 -70%)

Industry/ Function

  • Automotive supplier
  • Interim Project Manager
  • Plant for drive shafts
  • Recording of all operations on all machines and their critical characteristics at each stage of production
  • Recording and evaluation of non-conforming processes by “running along” in production
  • Measurement and evaluation of the causes of failure as NiO part
  • Implementation of developed corrective measures in the processes
  • Re-organisation of sub-processes and the process organisation
  • Implementation of process-stabilising measures on individual operations by adapting the production process (hot forging, soft and hard turning)
  • Changing a turning process into a drilling process
  • Ishigawa workshops conducted
  • Scrap rate reduced from > 65% to approx. 15% after three months to SOP
Factory of a well-known automotive supplier for complex drive shafts