Change Management Consulting

What is Change Management?

In many companies, change management is seen as an activity that a management team can do “on the side”, because it is usually only understood as changing processes or IT. Unfortunately, the human factor is overlooked. However, statistics show that without professional guidance and change management consulting, around 70% of change projects in companies still fail because the employees have not been empowered to change their way of working in the long term. In change projects, complex corporate situations arise that need to be grasped and completed by employees in several dimensions – without neglecting accustomed daily routines in this extraordinary situation. However, it is precisely in such moments that people tend to cling to the familiar and the known. Without sustainable change management, the greatest danger for companies is that employees will only take the new processes and ways of working to heart for a short time without noticing, and the familiar ways of working will creep in.

Change Management Consulting with F&P – Your Advantages

Our partners are highly experienced in a wide range of change processes. They have both experienced and led them themselves – both indispensable tools for the success of a change. F&P’s external change managers and change agents ensure that change is not seen as a burden but as an opportunity and thus help the company to sustainably consolidate the desired realignment. With F&P’s unique selling proposition, our professionals can not only advise you competently in matters of change management, but also assist you in the operational implementation through industry knowledge when deployed in various projects and functions.

Change Management Consultant

To ensure that the changes in your company run smoothly and without major problems, the advice of an experienced change management consultant is crucial. Our consultants develop sustainable and target-oriented change management concepts for your company.

Interim Manager Change Management

Since many change projects often fail at the operational implementation stage, it is the responsibility of our interim experts, with you as the decision-maker, to support you hands-on in the execution of the new corporate strategy and to anchor it in all process flows as well as with the employees.

When is professional change management absolutely necessary?

  • Strategic realignment & strategy adjustment
  • M&A and Post Merger Integration
  • Merging of departments and locations
  • Organisational changes – in processes and/or structures
  • Cultural changes – e.g. in self-image and working methods

The integration of the organisation after company takeovers is one of the most characteristic application situations of Change Management, as well as the spin-off of parts of the company, the adaptation of business processes and the change of an ERP system. Do not overlook the fact that even seemingly small changes always require careful support.

Some important measures for success

  • Recording of all stakeholders and the extent of their involvement
  • Detailed elaboration of the desired goals
  • Definition of the time frame of the reorganisation or restructuring measures
  • Involvement of the management team
  • Clear, comprehensive, rapid and consistent communication before and after Day 1
  • Interface analysis for new processes
  • Staff interviews to reduce resistance
  • Workshops for acceptance of new ways and forms of working
  • Open communication, promoting a cross-company relationship and information network through joint events and project work

Conveying credibility, respect for problems or uncertainty and their resolution are key tasks of the change management consultant.

The employee – the central factor Managing and motivating staff is much more challenging in a change situation than in normal day-to-day business. Organisational structures, organisational structures and processes have to be questioned in the shortest possible time and a solution found. In addition, special attention must be paid to possible uncertainties or questions of the employees, while at the same time the daily business is to be maintained professionally. Experience and special training are the means that enable our partners to successfully support you in this area and give you the necessary freedom to devote yourself to other important tasks while still being informed at all times.

Professional support

Every change has its own challenges and dynamics. What they all have in common is that new things need to be introduced at the same time as customers need to be served professionally and day-to-day operations need to continue smoothly. Early integration of change management consulting into the change process facilitates this challenge. Our partners have successfully led or accompanied a large number of change processes, individually or in groups. Particularly in complex transformation projects, a team of diverse experts can support your company quickly and in a coordinated manner. In our case studies you will find more detailed information on successful projects of our partners. Feel free to call us or use our contact form. We support you competently in your complex change project. We specialise in putting together interim freelance teams and can provide numerous references.

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