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Leadership training: born universal geniuses?

A lot is demanded of a good leader today. He or she should be emphatic, supportive and understanding and at the same time assertive, willing to take risks, energetic and assertive. He or she should be able to handle a heavy workload in a highly dynamic environment without making mistakes and at the same time be motivating towards the employees. This is not witchcraft – but it has to be learned. Many employees are promoted to manager because they perform very well in their function. And that is an excellent prerequisite. But it is not enough. If you fail to give the promoted person the necessary leadership training, it is highly likely that expectations will not be met and they will become personally dissatisfied.

Leadership Training – what can I expect?

  • Is the company properly positioned for long-term growth?
  • Is my management style right for this company?
  • How do I convince my staff to change?
  • How do I personally cope with the daily workload of challenges?

These or similar questions occupy many leaders and it is difficult to find someone you trust enough to have such conversations. And the higher you are in the company hierarchy, the less honest feedback you get. In considering or answering these and many other questions, executive training by an experienced business coach often helps. He looks at the way you work on a daily basis and gives valuable tips that help you to master certain situations more easily or to create more free space for yourself. His role is therefore multifaceted and adapts to the situation at hand. A coach can be a listener, a sparring partner, a supporter, a mediator, a motivator – someone with whom you can talk and discuss things confidentially and who knows the business environment. Coaching sharpens your perception and reflection of your behaviour. It serves to strengthen your existing abilities and resources. Coaching is both present- and future-oriented and always solution-oriented.

For whom is leadership training suitable?

  • Ambitious entrepreneurs, board members and division heads with extensive responsibilities who want a neutral sparring partner
  • Successful leaders who want to improve their management skills in a changing work environment
  • Young leaders who want to gain more confidence

For all those who are convinced that they can always learn more and become better. Possible topics in a business coaching:

  • Own role and leadership competence
  • Formulation and achievement of challenging goals
  • Presentation skills and personal impact
  • Solution-oriented leadership
  • Leadership in change processes
  • Effective discussion techniques
  • Constructive use of feedback
  • Improving life-work balance

Our partners, who will be happy to support you, are experts in leadership issues and business coaching. They guarantee you the highest level of discretion and professionalism in the context of leadership training. Feel free to call us or use our form to contact us. We will discuss your personal situation and find the best partner for you.

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Why an executive training with F&P?

The F&P experts are managers with many years of experience who know the pitfalls of the beginning as well as the dynamics of the daily routine. They have acquired their knowledge in a wide variety of company sizes and industries and have constantly expanded this experience through seminars and additional training. And they gladly and enthusiastically pass on this knowledge to new managers within the framework of leadership training. Our firm has a unique selling point: our partners can not only provide you with competent advice in the area of leadership training, but can also assist you in the operational implementation of the concepts as interim managers. Read more about successful projects in our case studies.

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